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Bellevue Dental Care and Implant Center has everything you need to maintain your family’s oral health and keep them smiling every day.

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Bellevue Dental Care - Exam and Cleaning

Exams and Cleaning

Modern-day dental technology allows Dr. Minnoch to proactively care for your family’s smiles in a safe and reliable manner. We encourage all patients to enjoy exams and hygiene cleanings every six months.

During your exam, our skilled team will:

  • Take digital x-rays to evaluate your mouth
  • Check for periodontal disease
  • Perform oral cancer screening
  • Evaluate your bite
  • Clean and polish your teeth
Bellevue Dental Care - Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings

As part of your regular dental check-up, our caring dentist will use today’s technology to screen for oral cancer. This preventive exam allows us to identify any early signs of cancer that could lead to more serious concerns. Early diagnosis is the key to beating oral cancer!

Dr. Minnoch and Dr. Ip will explain what to look out for and any symptoms relating to oral cancer, e.g. unexplained bleeding, swelling, numbness, etc. We’ll keep you informed!

Bellevue Dental Care - Mouthguards


When playing sports, it is vital to protect your teeth using a custom-made mouthguard. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends using mouthguards for ALL sports. These guards protect your teeth, jaw, lips, tongue, and face from damaging impact.

Using jaw-positioning technology, Dr. Minnoch can offer mouthguards that improve performance by maximizing air intake and improving reaction time. This then reduces energy-sapping lactic acid, increasing endurance. So you can be stronger, faster, and better while maintaining your winning smile.

‘‘I love this group. They appreciate the fact that we have busy lives and they strive to accommodate one appointment for my whole family. We have back-to-back appointments and they NEVER keep us waiting. They are friendly and happy to explain everything that is going on. ’’

Tanya F. (Actual Patient)

No Fear, Just Convenience

Sedation dentistry combined with our in-office comforts is the recipe for conquering your dental anxiety.

We understand visiting the dentist can cause apprehension for many people, which is why we are happy to offer modern sedation dentistry. This safe and relaxing treatment makes your dental visit seem like a walk in the park. The sedation will calm your nerves, make you feel a little drowsy, and ensure you feel no pain.

Experience less anxiety and pain while we take care of your oral health. Our office offers:

  • IV Sedation

  • Oral Sedation

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry, please speak to a member of our friendly team.

Bellevue Dental Care - Image of

Comprehensive Care Covers All The Bases

Get all your needs taken care of in one office, with one team!

Comprehensive Dentistry offers you the luxury of getting all of your dental needs cared for right here in our office. Our general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry options cover all areas of your dental care, from hygiene and cleaning to the latest in dental implants and dental crowns technology.

One stop dentistry gives your whole family the benefit of having a dental team that you know, and that knows you!

Maintain and Restore Your Family’s Health

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