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It means the world to us to see our patients smiling and know we have helped them.

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“What’s Not to Love?”

Take a minute to see what our current patients think of their Bellevue dentist and his exceptional office.

‘‘Who wants to walk around with a chipped tooth, not to mention my tongue constantly reminding me of it? Holly was quick to get me in and get it fixed. I have always enjoyed my appointments in Dr. Minnoch's office not only because of their high-tech equipment but also because you can sense the cohesiveness that exists between staff and Dr. Minnoch.’’

Etel G. (Actual Patient)

‘‘I can't say that I love going to the dentist, but at least with Dr. Minnoch's office, I always leave in a better mood. From the warm greetings by the receptionist as I walk through the door, to the friendly smile before being escorted back to the chair by the assistants, to having the doctor come in and calmly talk about how he will make things better, and then like magic, he does it. The whole process goes so smoothly and with everyone happy and smiling at you along the way, it just makes me feel good.’’

David R. (Actual Patient)

‘‘I am very afraid of dentists since some bad experiences when I was young. They totally understood my fears; they explained what they were doing and they gave me sedation when I was too anxious during some extractions. They are not too pushy with the care and let us some time to think about what they propose. They are very professional. I like them, I would not hesitate to recommend them, and I trust them.

Audrey M. (Actual Patient)

‘‘John Minnoch and his team at Bellevue Dental Care are absolutely the best! They recently installed five implants all in 1 day, and I couldn't be any happier with my teeth now. The quality of the work they performed is absolutely flawless, and the staff does an excellent job taking care of all of your needs.

Dan L. (Actual Patient)

‘‘From my first visit, I've been impressed with this office and all who work here. Professional, respectful and FUN. And I appreciate greatly the lengths they go to make me feel comfortable for any work (I have anxiety) they are doing. They are honest, flexible and I feel they are always looking out for my best interests. Keep it up!’’

Dawn G. (Actual Patient)

Your smile has a big impact on your life. Just look at the difference positive dental work has made to the lives of our patients - and you could be next.

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