Premium Care From the Bellevue Dental Care Team

At Bellevue Dental Care, our office is a little bit different.  But in a good way! Dr. Minnoch believes his practice should be driven by the needs of his patients and designed for their convenience.

What does this patient-first philosophy mean for you? More time for one-on-one consultations with the doctor, getting your questions and concerns thoroughly addressed, meticulous, unrushed dental treatment, and patient care that is responsive to your special needs.

If this is the kind of dentistry you want, we hope you’ll give us a try!

Here are just some of the communities where people come from to see Dr. Minnoch:​

  • Bellevue
  • Kirkland
  • Redmond
  • Clyde Hill
  • Ashwood
  • West Bellevue
  • Moorland
  • Medina
  • Issaquah

Quick Guide to the Place We Love!

The Pacific Northwest is an absolutely amazing place. You can enjoy everything from soaring mountains and thunderous waterfalls to beautiful lakes and a ruggedly spectacular coastline. But the one thing that our team appreciates the most is the people!

​Just as there is a wide variety of climates to be enjoyed from our varied topography, there is a wonderful diversity to our communities also. From quiet rural living to fast-paced city life, there are lifestyles for all tastes and interests.

At Bellevue Dental Care, we love having a patient family that comes from many backgrounds and communities. They add life and spontaneity to our practice and make it a joy to come to work each day. Like us, they’re a little bit different!

Interesting City Facts

In Washington state, it’s a felony to harass Sasquatch, AKA Big Foot. If you are just hoping to catch a glimpse of him, the best places are the remote wilderness areas of the Northern Cascades and the Olympic National Forest.

  • Is the Seahawk a real bird? No, it isn’t! The mascot for Seattle’s NFL team was made up – there is no such thing as a Seahawk.
  • Washington is the only state named after a president and Father’s Day was founded here in 1910.
  • Seattle actually gets less rainfall per year than New York, Miami, and D.C.
  • According to divers, the bottom of 33-square-mile Lake Washington is littered with the wrecks of hundreds of boats, ships, airplanes, a bridge, an ancient forest, and an entire Native American settlement.

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