The Tooth Troop!

Dr. Minnoch (aka the leader of the pack)

As the son of a revered dentist, you could say Dr. Minnoch has dentistry in his genes. Becoming a dentist was always his dream and many patients say it’s a dream to have him as their dentist, especially when they opt to be sedated for their dental treatment.



Dr. Loving (aka the affiliate)

Dr. Loving and Dr. Minnoch go WAY back! In fact, they were classmates and friends in dental school. She is grateful their paths intersected in 2012 after retiring from her Issaquah dental practice, and she feels blessed to be part of the dream team at BDC!



Elicia, Patient Care Coordinator (aka front desk and front line)

Elicia manages the office schedule but is also a self-proclaimed travel enthusiast and foodie with Turks and Caicos being next on her destination bucket list. She boasts that sun and surf make the perfect backdrop for capturing Instagram-worthy photos. Say “cheese” because she loves to post those gorgeous smiles!



Carolina, Dental Assistant (aka the dentist’s cohort – think of Chewbacca to Hans Solo)

Carolina loves to see people smile and laugh.  So, what’s her favorite riddle to make people chuckle? “Which teeth do you need to brush and floss? Only the ones you want to keep!” Beware, her giggle is contagious!

Kristie, Dental Assistant (aka the dentist’s cohort – think of Batman’s Robin)

After working together for 20 years, you could say Dr. Minnoch and Kristie grew up together! Her dental knowledge extends beyond the practice, impressing co-workers and patients with “did you know” dental trivia like:
– 3 million teeth are lost during sporting events each year

– There is more bacteria in your mouth than human beings on Earth

Kristie’s our top pick as a Jeopardy contestant!

Kala, Restorative Dental Hygienist (aka “the tooth fairy”)

Kala says she has a “dream job” performing “arts and crafts” to restore patient’s teeth. Helping to keep patients’ teeth healthy and strong, she wages battle against the Tooth Fairy, hoping to keep teeth from going under pillows. In fact, she’d like the Tooth Fairy to forget about collecting teeth and just leave seeds that grow sparkling flowers.



Jasmine, Patient Care Coordinator (aka front desk and front line)

Her smile and friendly “hello” greets you as you enter the office. Jasmine loves music and concerts and openly shares that one of her favorite songs is “My Shiny Teeth and Me” by Chip Skylark. Check it out!



Evelyn, Dental Assistant (aka dentist’s and restorative hygienist’s chairside companion)

Evelyn loves to stay active! Walking her dogs, hiking, and snowboarding are just a few of her favorites. And she often invites her teammates to join her on a weekend adventure! She is always up for competition and enthusiastically proclaims that she would be a gold medalist if the Olympics had a flossing event. Way to go for the gold!



Roxi, Dental Assistant (aka sterilization superstar)

Roxi enjoys keeping the office stocked and organized. She fondly shares that her grandmother told her she would get a surprise if she threw her first lost tooth onto the roof. The next day she was happily amazed, finding $5 under her pillow – which she used to buy candy!



Angie, Dental Hygienist (aka Smile Shiner)

Tooth be told, Angie would love to fuse her fashion design skills with her dental hygiene skills to create a clothing line of jumpsuits featuring enamel-inspired iridescent colors and leg lines that resemble tooth roots. Glamor girl!



Nicole, Dental Hygienist (aka Smile Shiner)

Nicole is proud to be a dental hygienist, and we say there’s not another one like her! She displays a constant smile and often shares with her patients, “Isn’t it amazing that no two sets of teeth are exactly the same?” She’s made to be a hygienist!



Corey, Dental Hygienist (aka Smile Shiner)

As a native Minnesotian (is that really a word?) Corey has a way different definition of bad weather! She is an avid traveler, adventure seeker, and smile maker. In fact, she has visited more than 50 countries and continues her quest to explore new places and to share animated stories that bring smiles galore!



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